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    NEWS | December 2012

    Sponsor: Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Sony Building)
    Joint sponsorship :18 companies and 2 foundations of Sony Group
    Collaboration: 17 shops and 1 company in Sony Building, 2 shops in Sony City Osaki

    Visual Direction, Interaction and Sound : WOW
    Technical Direction : LUFTZUG
    Installation object : Torafu Architects / Nomura Co., Ltd.
    Planning & Production: SonyPCL

    Technical Coordinate/Design : Yutaka Endo / LUFTZUG Programming : Masato Tsutsui / adsr

    The sculpture 'Crystal Aqua Trees' is controlled by a massive set of 44 LanBox-LCX controllers, allowing for a real-time control of many thousands of individually controllable dmx lights. LUFTZUG has developed the control system, a MAX6 application for interactively controlling the DMX lights and sound based on sensor values.

    Torafu Architects has created an illuminated sculpture entitled the 'Crystal Aqua Trees'. It is installed at the SONY Square, the outdoor event space of the Japanese electronic company's Tokyo building.

    The work was created as part the 'Ai no Izumi' (Fountain of Love) charity drive, which has been held by SONY every year since 1968. This year's sculpture is inspired by the Trevi Fountain in Rome, mimicking the fountain's sprays of water.

    The interactive artwork responds to the movements of people using a sensor camera, causing the pillars of light illuminated by LED lights to change color, along with music playing in harmony to the vibrant spectacle.

    In reference to the fountain concept, whenever coins are deposited in the crystal donation box placed in front of the square, the installation responds by switching to a special performance. Read more...

BRAND NEW PRODUCTS! | Januari 2013

    The new LanBox-LCXi is installation version of the LanBox-LCX and is ready for 19" rackmount. It has a dedicated outlet at the front for connecting to multiple LanBox-Interfaces. Using the ANSI standard E1.27-2, both power and dual DMX signals are provided using a single ethernet cable. For easy installation, all eight analogue inputs and all eight digital outputs at the back of the LanBox-LCXi are accessable via Phoenix spring loaded connectors. Read more about the new LanBox-LCXi
    The LanBox Interface is the brand new control panel for easy control of your LanBox-LCX and LanBox-LCXi. It is a very robust and stylish product made from solid aluminium and durable plastics. Although only eight centimeters wide and high, it is packed with sensors, LED lights and electronics. The LanBox Interface acts both as a light desk with nine buttons and a touch sensitive housing as well as a light fixture having nine individually controllable RGB LED lights. Read more about the LanBox Interface
    The LanBox i/o adapter will make life easy for everyone who needs to connect sensors and actuators to the LanBox-LCX on a regular basis. It is a very small add-on product made from the same rigid aluminium profile as the LanBox-LCX. Using the two included connection plates, you can easily attach the LanBox i/o adapter to your current LanBox-LCX. Now you have easy access to all eight inputs and all eight outputs using the Phoenix spring loaded connectors. Read more about the LanBox i/o adapter soon!


We would like to welcome Audion as our distributor for LanBox products in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Monte Negro.
" is Croatia and United States-based distributer and dealer of Pro Audio, Lighting, Musical Instrument, Computer and Consumer electronic equipment, with offices located in Pula (Istria), Zagreb-the capital and Chicago, United States. Among many great services we offer, our cutting edge pricing is what makes us the top choice for many creative and entertainment business souls in Southern Europe and beyond."

OUR MAN IN THE U.K. | Januari 2013

We would like to welcome DPLX as our UK distributor for LanBox products. Darren Parker and his team have been using LanBox products for many years and can help you with information, sales and installation of our products!

All LanBox products are designed and built in The Netherlands, but they are used almost everywhere in the world. We recommend everyone to directly buy from our distributors whenever possible. We currently have distributors in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Click on your country on the map below for your local distributor.
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It is also possible to buy via our webstore. Please note all our prices are without VAT and that a 21% VAT is automatically added due to Dutch tax law. If you are buying from within the European Union and you have a company VAT number or you want to buy from outside the European Union please send us an email with your order request and shipping information so we can deduct the VAT.

For OEM and Whitelabel products please contact us at info© or give is a call at +31 (0)85 8771276
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Who is LanBox® Products?

LanBox Products designs and produces high quality controllers and dimmer packs for the installation and entertainment industry. We have a long history of designing industrial grade products: our first products were brought to the market as early as 1996 using one of the very first online web stores in the world!

All of our products are designed and built in the Netherlands using advanced design and simulation techniques and produced under ISO9001 quality control. We strive to build products that will last, so we will give a four year warranty on all our dimmer packs and controllers. However, we know there are a large number of our controllers out there in the field that have been operational non-stop for over a decade!

Our vision is to create products that are extremely multifunctional and which will be able to help you solve almost any of your complex light problems. So our dimmer packs can handle almost any kind of load, while our controllers can be used for almost any job.

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