LanBox® Products develops controllers and dimmer packs for the event and installation market. Our main products are the LanBox-LCX standalone DMX controller and 788LD+ quad dimmer pack.

The LanBox-LCX is a stand-alone controller in a robust extruded aluminum housing and emerged from the original LanBox, developed in 1995. It is an Ethernet based standalone controller with USB, MIDI in and out, DMX in and out, analogue inputs and digital / rs232 outputs. This product is used all over the world by theme parks, artists, musicians and many others to develop stand alone sequences that combine lights, device control and sensors.

The 788LD+ dimmerpack is a very robust quad dimmer for five amp load per channel. It has no fans and no fuses. Instead it has advanced current and temperature control systems which makes the product extremely reliable. The 788LD+ fully supports the RDM standard.

All our products and accessories can be bought via our webstore or via our distributors.